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  • Dr. Lim Peng Han

    Re: Changi civilian internment digital project

    I have been doing research to gather the archives of the Changi civilian internees.
    I have reconstruct the sporting lives of the internees published in the International Journal of the History of Sport.

    Lim Peng Han and Mohd Salleh Aman. 2015. The sporting lives of Governor Shenton Thomas and the European men internees at Changi prison during the Japanese occupation of Singapore, 1942-45, International Journal of the History of Sport, 31 (6), 644 – 665.

    I have researched for such sources of information in Singapore, New Zealand and know there is a lot more in the UK. Is there an interest from to library to the other bibliographic information on other parts of the world? Can I apply for the Mumby Fellowship to make a study of the Changi internees’ records at Cambridge University?

    Best wishes,

    Lim Peng Han (PhD)

  • Vivian Parent

    Hello. I am searching for my deceased father and family members When I googled his name your web site appeared to contact. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated. His name was Ronald Unnsworth Reynolds. Born UK 1911. Businessman convention declaration Ronald Unsworth Reynolds was employed in Mills department of Jardine Matheson Shanghai 1938 to 1952. Wife Stella. Son Paul and daughter Angela. Also lived in Mount Royal, Montreal. LAstupdate I had he had overstayed visa in the sixties in Manilla. Thanking you in advance for any information. KInd Regards Vivian Parent

  • Hi,
    I recently came across this article ‘Conservation of Indian miniatures’ – Posted on 24 April 2015 by Rachel Rowe on your website. Along with this lovely article ‘An English sailor’s rare collection of paintings shines a light on life in 19th century India​’.
    I work with the Asian Heritage Foundation and we are looking to source Mica paintings. This is a long short but any information would be extremely helpful regarding the same.

  • I believe there are sketches by the 17th Neapolitan arist Salvator Rosa available to view on application. Is this so and , if so, how does one arrange to view?
    Many thanks

  • I am currently writing about the John Bonham case described by Sally Kent in the blog. I am curious to know whether transcripts of the case can be accessed.

  • I am currently writing about the Jebu War of May 1892, in AMay 1892 in Nigeria before it became a colony.

    I am interested in locating a photograph. The commanding officer Colonel Francis C Scot in the company of all other officers with the cannons behind them on the battlefield were with the Ijebu who came to surrender in their midst.

    The copy that was in existence locally in Nigeria had been swept off in a flash flood about fifty years ago.

    I shall be very grateful if you can assist me to locate it anywhere;

    Thank you very much for assisting me.

  • Gbolahan Taiwo ADEBULE

    I am still awaiting a reply and pictures of the Jebu campaign of 1892 in West Africa, if you can help.

    • Hello there. Does your enquiry relate to material held in the Royal Commonwealth Society collections? If so, it would be best if you could contact them directly, at Best wishes, Liam Sims (Rare Books Specialist)

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