43 Kowloon Peninsula mislabelled Shanghai

A panoramic view of the Kowloon Peninsula taken from Hong Kong Island looking across Victoria Harbour, taken in or after 1928 by unknown photographer. Clock-tower in centre and large ship with three funnels at anchor in the port (to left of centre). The Peninsula Hotel behind the clock-tower was opened in 1928 – so the photograph must post date that.
Dimensions: 961 x 251 mm. Condition: Fair (parallel tears to mid-right of picture and smaller one bottom-right; tiny tear to mid left)


  • IMHO this picture was taken after 1928. Behind the clock tower stands the Peninsula Hotel, which was opened in 1928.

  • Very many thanks for this useful information. I shall update our description accordingly.

  • This picture dates from c1926. While the Peninsula opened as a hotel in 1928 the building was completed earlier. Before opening as a hotel it was requisitioned by military authorities for a year, accommodating The Second Battalion, The Coldstream Guards and a battalion of The Devonshire Regiment

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