Incunables Masterclass, 1 November 2011

William Caxton's Recuyell of the histories of Troy (ca. 1473-1474)

Recuyell of the histories of Troy, printed by William Caxton (ca. 1473-1474), Inc.3.F.3.2(3307), f. 82v. One of the books that will be discussed in the seminar.

On Tuesday 1 November 2011, the Library will be holding its second masterclass as part of the Incunabula Project.

Prof. David McKitterick, Librarian at Trinity College Cambridge, will lead a seminar under the title ‘Mix and match: making up incunabula’.

When we look at a copy of a book, we make many assumptions. But books may not be what they seem. This class will examine some of the ways in which the make-up of books can be changed and muddled between the time that they leave the printer, and when they are read today. Examples will be drawn from Caxton, and from fifteenth-century printers in Italy and the Low Countries.

The seminar will be held in the Sir Geoffery Keynes Room. It will start at 2.30pm and will last approximately 90 minutes, allowing time for questions and discussion.  Attendance will be limited in order to allow all attendees a chance to see the books under discussion up close, and to participate in the discussion.

To book your place, please contact Katie Birkwood.

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