A Cistercian Missal in Cambridge University Library

Device of Thielman KerverAn article by Michael Carter on the Cambridge University Library copy of a Missal printed by Thielman Kerver in Paris, 1515 for the Cistercian rite has just been published in the latest issue of the Transactions of the Cambridge Bibliographical Society. The Missal has annotations that suggest it came from one of the Order’s abbeys in Yorkshire; it is now part of the collection bequeathed by Samuel Sandars in 1894 (SSS.8.3). This issue of TCBS also includes papers on the Achadeus Psalter (Corpus Christ College, MS 272), the Eadwine Psalter leaves (Morgan Library and British Library) and the Morton Missal. The Cambridge Bibliographical Society’s website gives the full table of contents as well as information on the Society’s current programme of talks.

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