Archive Management System update

This is a regular update about the progress of the Archive Management System (AMS) project.

Early implementers       

In line with the overall project plan which was outlined in the last project update, our focus is on using the customized ArchivesSpace system for data entry and the creation of finding aids. A small group of early implementers from within the University Library have started using the system for creating finding aids and testing the draft documentation. Having more brainpower engaged on the system has already proved invaluable. The early implementers from the Cambridge archivists’ group have been set up on the system. We’re extremely grateful to all our early implementers for their help – their input in developing and refining the documentation and support we are creating for the wider roll-out of the AMS will be invaluable.

Save the date! Briefing sessions 10 Sep (10:30-11:30) and 19 Sep (10:30-11:30)

We will be offering two briefing sessions about the AMS project in the Milstein Room, Cambridge University Library. The sessions will be an opportunity to see the system demonstrated and hear about the progress and next steps for the AMS project. It will also be an opportunity to ask questions. We are offering two separate sessions in the hope that one of the dates will be convenient: there is no need to attend both as the two sessions will cover the same content. The sessions are not hands-on training for users and potential users (this will be provided later). Please contact if you would like to attend.

 Migration of data:

We’ve also been hard at work on preparation for data migration- focusing on controlled access terms and vocabularies. At the minimum, the AMS will use the same professional standards for archival catalogues as the Janus project and controlled access terms describing people, organisations, places and subjects will be shared across the AMS ­to be used by all partners. This should enable much greater consistency in our catalogues and finding aids which will support better discovery of our collections by our users. It’s an important thing to get right.

We’re keen to hear back from all potential partners in the AMS so do please get in touch to update us on your plans or to ask us any queries.  Contact  

Katrina Dean and Natalie Adams

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