Archive Management System update


The focus of the project remains migrating records from our legacy systems on to ArchivesSpace. Alongside ongoing work on the University Library’s AtoM data, we’ve now successfully completed the migration of 13 databases including some large ones created by Cambridge Assessment, Churchill Archives Centre, Girton, and St Catharine’s. Published records for all these can be searched on ArchiveSearch, the public user interface of the Archive Management System. We are very grateful to all the archivists involved in working with us on the migrations- thank you for your flexibility and careful work checking the migrations. We also have several migrations lined up for September. 

Overall progress

The system now holds 497,293 records in total, an impressive 140% increase since June. 483,999 of the records have been migrated to the system from legacy datasets and there has also been substantial work (13,294 records) on new cataloguing or retrospective conversion.  

Documentation update

The AMS documentation for data contributors has been further updated with new guidance on creating agent records for people, corporate bodies and families. Thank you to the archivists who have helped edit agent records to bring them in line with this guidance. 

Katrina Dean and Natalie Adams (

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