Cambridge collectors: Origins of the Whipple

Whipple collection spine labelDawn Moutrey continues our theme of Cambridge collectors with a post on the origin of the Whipple Library in the collection of Robert Stewart Whipple.

‘Donations to libraries come in all sizes, from a single book donated by the author, to large collections which make you get out a tape measure to make sure you have the space. They all have a place in the history and development of a collection, and even a subject field.  The donation in 1944 by Robert Stewart Whipple (1871–1953) of his scientific instruments and books to the University has been viewed as “… an essential element in the establishment of the history of science as an academic discipline in Cambridge”’.

Read the full post on the ‘Whipple Library Books Blog’ …

Our posts on Cambridge collectors accompany the University Library’s major exhibition ‘Shelf Lives: Four Centuries of Collectors and their Books’, which runs until 16 June 2012.

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