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God creates Adam

God creates Adam. From the hand-coloured copy of the Nuremberg Chronicle presented to the Library in 1574 by Archbishop Matthew Parker (Inc.0.A.7.2(888))

Further content and functionality has been added to the Cambridge Digital Library. We have added more items to the Islamic Manuscripts and Newton collections—including several videos explaining Newton’s work and ideas—and have initiated two new collections: The Cairo Genizah collection and Treasures of the Library. Both these collections will grow considerably over the the next few months. The initial Genizah collection includes a selection of seventy-two manuscripts, intended to show the wide range of material in this fascinating collection. Among the Treasures we’ve added to the Digital Library are the Codex Bezae, Life of St Edward the Confessor, Nuremberg Chronicle, and Montaigne’s copy of Lucretius’ De rerum natura. The last three works are featured in the current Library exhibition, Shelf Lives. Now you can view these treasures in great detail, from cover to cover.

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