Archives and Modern Manuscripts Image of the Month – Portraits of Persons at Different Times of Their Lives (or Deaths)

CUL MS Add.9350/10

In 1898 the children of the Keynes and Glazebrook families produced an illustrated journal called The Gem.  It included poems, stories, quizzes, sketches and paintings and ran for 11 editions throughout 1898.  Nominally under the editorship of Geoffrey and Margaret Keynes and Ethel Glazebrook (hence the name ‘The GEM’), Geoffrey and Margaret’s brother John Maynard was also heavily involved, contributing quizzes, poems and drawings, including ‘Portraits of Persons at Different Times of Their Lives (or Deaths).’     

Geoffrey Keynes would go on to become an eminent surgeon and bibliophile, donating his library to the Cambridge University Library.  Margaret Keynes devoted her career to the welfare of the elderly and was awarded a CBE in recognition of her work.  John Maynard Keynes is remembered as one of the most influential economists of modern times.  He was noted for brilliant conversation and the quickness of his wit, evidently apparent when he drew this contribution to the Gem. A catalogue for The Gem can be found on ArchiveSearch.

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