John Ruskin and the King James Bible

Ruskin, like many English writers, was inspired by the King James Bible: not only its religious teaching but its rhythms, imagery and social subversiveness. On Tuesday 17 May, Cambridge poet and academic Clive Wilmer will give a talk in the University Library on ‘The “King James” as Literary Inspiration: John Ruskin and the Bible’.

The talk starts in the Library’s Morison Room at 5.30 p.m., and forms part of the programme of the Friends of the Library (see Friends of the Library: £2.50. Others: £3.50. (Junior members of the University of Cambridge: free.)

Before the talk, visitors may like to take the opportunity of viewing the Library’s current exhibition, ‘Great and Manifold Blessings: The Making of the King James Bible’, on display in the Exhibition Centre adjacent to the Morison Room (see

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