A Victorian Christmas Advent Calendar: 14th December

A Snow Baby

“There, at last, you see it’s done,
Could you make a better one?
Nose and chin, and mouth and eyes,
At a show he’d take a prize.
I should like it understood,
Too, that he is very good;
Though he has such saucy eyes,
Still he never, never cries.
Mouth he has, yet never talks;
Two strong legs, but takes no walks;
He is always good as gold,
For he never feels the cold.
Such a baby few have met,
For he doesn’t hungry get:
Never drinks, and cannot eat –
But he sadly feels the heat!
When the sun shines, strange to say,
Very soon he goes away,
For if you the truth must know,
He is only made of snow!”
From ‘A Snow Baby’ by Graham Clifton Bingham (classmark 1889.7.1000)

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