New old books: February 2016

The second instalment of our monthly series listing additions to the Rare Books collections. This month we feature Greek philosophy as read in sixteenth-century France, an eighteenth-century directory of London tradesmen, a Victorian local history journal, and a selection of Italian political writing from the late nineteenth century.

Detail of the frontispiece of The Cheshire and Lancashire Historical Collector, showing the church of St Mary, Pulham, Norfolk.

Detail of the frontispiece of The Cheshire & Lancashire Historical Collector (below), showing the church at Pulham St. Mary, Norfolk.

Porphyry (ca. 234-ca. 305)
Institutiones ad Chrysaorium. 4ta editio

(Paris : apud Thomam Richardum, 1551)
bound with:
Aristotle (384-322 BC)
Priorum analyticorum libri II
Posteriorum analyticorum libri II
Topicorum libri octo
De reprehensionibus fallacibus et captiosis liber

(Paris, 1543-1551)

A collection of works of Greek philosophy, translated into Latin by the sixteenth-century French humanist Joachim Périon (1499?-1559). The volume includes extensive marginal notes in a contemporary hand, possibly that of A. Buxus (Bois or Bouys), whose name is stamped on the binding (see above).

Andrews’s new London directory, for the year 1789
(London : printed and sold by J. Andrews and Son, [1789?])

Apparently the only surviving copy of this directory of tradesmen in London, which ran to at least three editions. The tradesmen are first listed alphabetically by name, and then by trade, which includes such forgotten mysteries as “Chimney Composition Ornament Manufacturers”, “Orchel-Makers” and “Worm-Makers”. Kindly bought for us by Cliff Webb.

Thomas Worthington Barlow (1824-1856), editor
The Cheshire and Lancashire historical collector. Vol. 2

(Manchester : John Gray Bell, 1855)

The second and concluding volume of this short-lived local history periodical, which for some reason is rather scarcer than the first. Our copy bears a signature and a few pencil notes by an early owner, one Albert Nicholson, and includes a catalogue of books for sale by the publisher, J.G. Bell of Oxford Street, Manchester.

Q478.d.1.2 part

The first page of The Cheshire & Lancashire Historical Collector

Luigi Torelli (1810-1887)
Pensieri sull’Italia di un anonimo lombardo
(Paris : L.R. Delay, 1846)

Pietro Ellero (1833-1933)
Le doglianze di Ser Giusto
(Florence : Eugenio e Filippo Cammelli, 1866)

Arnaldo Carrera (active 1884-1913)
Dizionario politico-parlamentare
(Milan : Società Editrice Sonzogno, [1887])

Camillo Caracciolo di Bella (active 1879-1888)
Dieci anni di politica estera
(Città di Castello : S. Lapi, 1888)

Filippo Cordova (1811-1868)
Inghilterra e Piemonte
(Rome : Forzani e C., 1893)

Five scarce nineteenth-century Italian political works, from the library of the historian Denis Mack Smith (born 1920).

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